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Queer & Trans
People of Color


#GetWoke formed as a quarterly event series hosted in Kansas City, MO in the wake of 4 homicides of queer and trans people of color in Kansas City, as well as the infamous 2016 Pulse Massacre in Orlando, FL. There are currently few spaces for LGBTQ people of color to gather in safe, affirming and artistic environments.

In 2016, Kansas City became one of the three epicenters of violence towards TGNC people of color in this country, with New Orleans and Detroit being the other two. Dionte Greene, Jasmine Collins, Tamara Dominguez and Reese Walker, four queer and transgender people of color, were murdered in the past two years in Kansas City and our greater communities. Hate crime charges were not filed in relation to any of their deaths, even though their are many reports of hate violence targeted towards each individual leading up to their death.


Pro Queer/Trans People of Color

It is urgent that we support the creation of a community healing and empowering artistic space in our city. We formed our quarterly #GetWoke: queer and trans people of color events in the Spring of 2016, following the wake of our local homicides and the previous summer’s massacre of primarily 49 LGBTQ people of color at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL.  Queer and trans people of color face violence on a regular basis, and while there has been increased media attention nationwide focusing on the deaths of people of color, our own local communities lack a safe space in Kansas City.

Unapologetically Sex Positive

We embrace that queer and trans people of color can thrive in spaces that are unapologetically sex positive and body affirming of all genders, shades and shapes of our communities. At our events, we work collaboratively with local sexual health advocates to provide holistic, affirming sexual health education and partner with HIV & STI treatment agencies to provide free rapid testing that can be made available to communities of color. Our events provide necessary conversations with our peers around enthusiastic consent, safer boundaries and how to live a fun, sexually positive lifestyle if we each personally choose to do so.

Feature Performers of Color

#GetWoke has begun to carve out an artistic space in our city's landscape and has united queer and trans people of color through quarterly local showcases featuring artists and performers of color, including music, dance, drag, burlesque and storytelling. Our #GetWoke events primarily feature music that has originated in LGBTQ+ communities of color and our events are hosted by our resident MCs, local female impersonators, and community organizer, David Seymour.

Empower Marginalized Voices

#GetWoke focuses on the realities of queer and trans people of color, while empowering and activating marginalized and vulnerable voices in the Kansas City Metro area to artistically showcase their experiences navigating safety, finding community and celebrating our resiliency.